• Is this conference for both marrieds and singles?

    Sort of! Although primarily designed for singles, the conference will help anyone who wants to connect with God in a deeper way and better understand life as a single Christian. So come whether you're single or married!
  • I have already read Lina's book should I still come to the conference?

    Absolutely! Lina offers fresh material every time she speaks. You will enjoy this day and leave with new principles to strengthen and encourage you.
  • Is the Thrive Conference for both men and women?

    Yes! Bring a friend and show up!
  • Can tickets be purchased at the door?

    Yes but we'd rather you buy them now for planning purposes. And because I (Lina) get ulcers if no one registers and everyone plans to just "show up".
  • Do you offer group rates?

    Discount rates are available for groups of 5 and more. Contact us by clicking here.
  • Is the conference like one big dating thing?

    Not at all. While you might end up meeting the love of your life at the Thrive Conference, our goal is to deepen your walk with Jesus first. Everything else will fall into place once you've got yourself grounded in Him first.
  • I'm still debating whether I should come to this conference...

    For reals? Stop debating. Stop over analyzing. This will be the best 2 bucks you'll spend all year or your money back guaranteed. Seriously, your walk with the Lord is so worth the investment, plus you're doing it for a cause this time! Your registration will go towards helping get the gospel to the Middle East in 2016.
  • Ok, Ok, I'm in. Now how do I register?

    Yes! That's what I'm talking about! Click here and see you soon!


  • Anything else I need to prepare for or know?

    Not really. I think we've covered everything, but just in case I forgot something, email me at lina@livingwithpower.org. I can't wait to see you!